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Great features at unbeatable prices

$6 / mo
- or -
$60 / year
$9 / mo
- or -
$90 / year
$15 / mo
- or -
$150 / year
1 upload hour
per month
Our evergreen free plan. Great if you record only intermittently and still want want unlimited access to all your previous recordings.
4 upload hours
per month
This plan is perfect for music students. Use it for storing your music lessons, occassional jam sessions, or the intermittent performance.
20 upload hours
per month
Our most popular plan. A great value and offers enough storage for long rehearsals, jam sessions, performances, and lessons.
40 upload hours
per month
Nearly infinite storage for really heavy recording. Use this plan to put all your musical activity in RecordBox.

What do you mean by upload hours?

Upload hours refer to the number of hours of music you may store in your RecordBox account in a given month. All our upload hours assume that your music is encoded at a bitrate of 128 kbps, widely regarded as CD-quality.

If you store music at a different quality, your upload hours will change accordingly. For example, if you store music at 256kbps, our $9/month plan will give you 10 upload hours per month.

Are upload hours refreshed monthly?

Yes, your upload hours are refreshed every month. This means that your RecordBox account offers practically infinite storage.

Are there any restrictions on your Free plan?

You get one upload hour per month with the free plan. That is the only restriction. Our free plan has all the features of our paid plans, including unlimited access to all your existing recordings, the ability to share, and full access to our annotation and discussion tools.

Are there any contracts?

There are no contracts with any plan. You are free to upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time.

When you upgrade your subscription, you will immediately start a new period and will be charged the difference between your new plan and the unused portion of your previous plan. For instance, if you use a $9/month subscription for 15 days and then upgrade to a $15/month subscription, you will immediately start a new 30 day period with 40 upload hours and your card will be charged $9.5 (15 - 4.5).

Note that there are no refunds for partially used periods. This means that if you downgrade a subscription, then your downgrade will take effect at the end of your current period. For example, if you downgrade to our Free plan 15 days into a $9/month subscription, you will have 20 upload hours till the end of the month. After the period is over, you will be switched to the Free plan with 1 upload hour per month.